Mohawk Pier & Lift Services

  • Treated Wood or Vinyl Piers provide multiple design options to fit your waterfront. We offer free quotes and design options to fit your needs.
  • Harbor Master Boat and PWC Lifts provide multiple options for your boat or personal watercraft. We offer free quotes to see which lift or PWC lift will meet your needs.
  • Installation and removal of Piers, Boat Lifts and PWC Lifts—Mohawk Pier & Lift provide seasonal services on most lakes in the surrounding area. 
  • Socket Conversion-providing complete conversion of auger style piers to sockets. 
  • Service and Repair-providing general service to existing docks and boat lifts. 

Harbor Master Boat lifts


  • Only 4-1/2 inches of water needed, plus the draft of your boat.

  • Allows for shallow water pickup.

  • Use lift in areas that were previously unusable.

  • Less dock, more waterfront.

  • Lifts faster because it is alway raising at a constant angle.


  • Only lift with slant on lift design.

  • No pivot point, allowing your boat to lift easier and faster.

  • Cradles boat 6 inches higher than typical cantilever designs.

  • No bed flotation with bunks and steprails.

  • Comes with harbor masters high torque winch.


  • Winch may be placed on either side of lift depending on your needs.

  • Easy assembly due to the light weight, high quality, marine alloy

    aluminum construction.

  • No full length top tubes means no ducking to get on your boat.

  • Available in up to 8000 lbs capacity.

  • 7' side frames for a more precise wheel to dock position.


  • 125 feet less cable than a vertical lift would have, meaning less opportunity for wear and tear.

  • The lift frame supports weight of boat also reducing wear on cable.

  • All moving parts are out of the water when the boat is raised.

  • Greasable rollers for a longer life.

  • All pulleys have sealed bearings.


Harbor Master PWC lifts offer different models to fit your needs. We have different models available for fishing boats, paddle boats and other personal watercraft.

  • Made with high quality, marine alloy aluminum.

  • Aluminum wheel for effortless raising and lowering of the lift.

  • Bushings incorporated into the pivot bolts giving them an even longer life.

  • Adjustable legs allow you to set the lift to fit your needs.